About Us

Audio AG is a worldwide operational sales company for high-profile audio equipment and cableware. We distribute products from our premium pro audio brands RME and ALVA through a global network of local distributors. Our fields of competence include the conception and planing of new successful products for the highly specialized audio and broadcast market.

We deliver product support and lifetime service to our distribution partners and end users. We provide global marketing for our brands, including media and print advertising, website services, workshops, trainings and trade shows. This includes not only the creation and further development of a strong corporate identity, but also a relationship and support of many high-profile artists in the field of music.

The corporate headquarter with our core team of highly motivated and highly professional sales and service experts is based in Haimhausen, Germany, near the town of Munich. As a global operating company we strengthen our international position by establishing a strong local presence in each of the markets we serve. In collaboration with our partners, like the Synthax family we run several field offices in all strategic markets, especially in Asia and the United States.

Members of Staff
Board of Directors Hermann Vega Savon
Katja Gerweck
VP of Sales &
Director Business
Christian Latzelsberger
Area Sales
Axel Dönges    
Sales Administration Michael Höpp Product Specialist Joost Bullens
Artist Relations Kim Anna Knödler Marketing Udo Prummer
Team Assistance Job opening Accounting Jutta Schnell
Logistic Walter Jahn Support Daniel Fuchs
Tel.+49 070022248 222
Mo-Wed 12-17,
Thu 13:30-18:30, Fri 12-15 (GMT+1).
Corporate Headquarter
Asia / RME Trading
Eric Chiu Corporate Headquarter
North & South America
Mathias von Heydekampf
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